real story

I have a neighbor. she likes to talk about the other person’s stuff. One day she is pregnant, and nine months later her baby was born with a healthy body. but unfortunately the baby’s lip has cleft. two. for all the woman. please keep your act and attitude especially when you pregnant.



actually sometimes i wonder why some of my friends hard to cooperate when there are many task from my lecturer in a group, big group. ┬ásometimes they dont know what must they do for this group,, damn…

i’m very dissappointed

First Step

Starting from this day, i will posting in english language. Why? because i want to learn how to make a good writing in english, maybe my english still stiff and wrong but i hope i can increase my ability through this blog. Thank you.

English Lesson

Thesis statement is sentence which usually placed in the last of paragraph. this sentence tells the main idea of paragraph or essay, TS’ characteristics are : sentence which can be discussed and explained, should not have two sides of an argument, should not give fact about the topic. Example :

” Using public transport would be one of the best ways to solve the traffic and pollution problem in cities around the world”