Hello, you meet again with me bilqis in 2014. Now i already at grade eight and this time i must graduate from Airlangga University at least in June. This month is very hectic month because i prepare proposal for my final project. And at February, 14th i was proclaimed that my proposal can continued to final project. But i feel little upset because my presentation still bad. I’m still bad in explaining something to my lecturer. Anybody know how to cure this thing ???

Its not about substances. I really understand about presentation substance but not public speaking L


Old Note from 2013

Hello, my name is Bilqies Kimmilah. My age is twenty years-old. I studying in Airlangga University grade sixth.

Study Plan : actually until now i don’t know my goal yet. But i want to be success person. Maybe become an analyst system. Sometimes i feel bored and want to shout.

My short target is graduated from university at 2014. My dream is continue study abroad wih full scholarship.

But i found that i am little bit lazy. And i am not a confident person. When i try to speak with another people in formal situation, my body shaking and i can’t speak fluently. Until now i dont know why i like that. Therefore i hate any meeting with a serious discussion in formal situation. When i trapped in this situation, i just keep quiet. I can understand what are they talking about and sometimes i don’t agree with conclusion, but i cant protest because i dont have any strength and courage to start my conversation. Poor L

I am very interest about korean culture because when i watch the colosal drama, there are different language and intonation.

I have a sister. She is so noisy.

I want to be focus on my study.  I also want start to think my future life. Until now february 2013, i just stagnan in my place. There isn’t change from me. I hope and i will study hard and think hard tomorrow. Can decide something with full consideration.

February, 14th 2014

that day is the amazing day because Kelud was exploded. And that day i must presenting my proposal for final project. my heart feels explode too, i pray to Allah SWT so that i can explain properly.

Saya sangat takjub dan bersyukur kepada Allah SWT karena hari itu Allah sekali lagi menunjukkan kuasa Nya. setelah saya paham akan materi presentasi memang seharusnya yang dilakukan adalah tawakkal kepada Nya dan berdoa akan kelancaran. Saya dapat menjelaskan dengan lancar isi proposal saya dan dapat menjawab pertanyaan dosen penguji tanpa ndredeg dan saya dinyatakan lulus ujian proposal. doa dan sholawat saya terus panjatkan, ya Allah betapa besar kuasaMu