Old Note from 2013

Hello, my name is Bilqies Kimmilah. My age is twenty years-old. I studying in Airlangga University grade sixth.

Study Plan : actually until now i don’t know my goal yet. But i want to be success person. Maybe become an analyst system. Sometimes i feel bored and want to shout.

My short target is graduated from university at 2014. My dream is continue study abroad wih full scholarship.

But i found that i am little bit lazy. And i am not a confident person. When i try to speak with another people in formal situation, my body shaking and i can’t speak fluently. Until now i dont know why i like that. Therefore i hate any meeting with a serious discussion in formal situation. When i trapped in this situation, i just keep quiet. I can understand what are they talking about and sometimes i don’t agree with conclusion, but i cant protest because i dont have any strength and courage to start my conversation. Poor L

I am very interest about korean culture because when i watch the colosal drama, there are different language and intonation.

I have a sister. She is so noisy.

I want to be focus on my study.  I also want start to think my future life. Until now february 2013, i just stagnan in my place. There isn’t change from me. I hope and i will study hard and think hard tomorrow. Can decide something with full consideration.


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